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News Curation through Dialogue

Focus on what most interests you

Choose from a range of news categories. You might be interested in everything, or just gossip... You manage what you want to read!

Visualise the content through intuitive keywords

For each category you pick, you get a selection of clouds. Each cloud contains keywords which all refer to the same topic. contxt then curates a list of news articles from third-party sources

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Enjoy conversations with the people you care

Found something interesting? With contxt you share directly to your contacts. Start great dialogues with your colleagues, friends and family straight away!

No time? Save it for later

Clouds can also be saved. Consume the information at your own pace; whenever and wherever you want!

No more e-mails! contxt is the perfect tool for sharing news.

Don't just share news on social networks or e-mails, discuss them. With everyone? No, only with relevant people!